Golden Temple Logistics Service Overview


We provide Logistic services of both the inward and outward flow of goods from the manufacturing point to the end user or point of use. We do movement of these goods as transportation. We keep the logistics world moving along, delivering with the speed, accuracy, and transparency that their customers require.
We do obtain and distribute of materials and products in the right quantities to an end user or final destination. We put science of planning, implementing, and managing procedures for the most efficient and effective storage and transportation of goods as possible. Services and related information from the source point to the consumer is sent through logistics to fulfill and meet customer demands.
We do drive goods across the country, we have key is to find a middle ground between maximizing consumer expectations and minimizing environmental impact.

Reduce, Reuse, & Recycle

The three R’s are known almost religiously in environmental communities. This is for good reason. Reducing, reusing, and recycling are great principles, not just for living life, but also for operating a business.
Step one is to reduce the amount of materials wasted throughout the operation. We do an environmental audit which help to find areas of excessive waste that need to be minimized. Next is to reuse any salvageable materials from one delivery to the next. Things such as wooden pallets, plastic bags, or packaging bubbles are great materials to use again and again.
Finally, find areas of the operation where waste can be recycled. Again, look toward our plastic output. We can also consider using reusable packaging and materials that the consumer can recycle after delivery.