Golden Temple Logistics Service Overview

Overland transportation

GTL Logistics provides inland transportation services across India with Vehicles over all parts of India. When a company decides to use land transport, it is customary to make a distinction between "loose goods" and "full load" before deciding which solution to adopt. "Bulk goods" means the possibility of booking spaces for one or more pallets on a truck. This allows to split the shipping costs with other companies that have also purchased that space. Many transporters have fixed prices for bulk goods and in technical jargon we talk about LCL: Less than a Container Load. With "full load" or FCL (Full Container Load) it refers instead to the fact that the customer books a complete truck.
We do have all type of vehicles to cater the requisites and needs of customers, and can provide as their requirements.

Types of trucks in transportation

We do have all type of closed body vehicles and as per requisite of customers are ready to ship their goods from one place of country to other.

Special Considerations

We take into account the cost and difficulty of any special considerations your shipment requires:

  • Time: The time of year you’re moving your product — during the holiday season, for instance, might impact overall shipment times.
  • Urgency: We provide services as per their requirement and how urgent is your shipment? We work for you so that you should not loose, both financially and in the eyes of your consumers?
  • Budget: We do have all requisites as per our customer budget and Convenience is great, but staying within your budget is crucial for long-term operations.